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    How Our Vendors Will Help Green Our Event


    • The Green Fest will have Eco Waste stations for compostables, recyclables and trash.We ask that all vendors try to limit trash as much as possible and use appropriate waste containers.

    • All serving items must be compostable/recyclable.  Again, compost and recycling stations will be on site.


    • This year’s Fest will provide re-usable bags for visitors.


    • The Mercer Green Fest discourages any and all plastic bags unless they are biodegradable or Earth friendly.

    • Environmentally-friendly packaging will be provided where possible. Ask the purchaser if they need the item bagged or wrapped, and if so, please use paper or biodegradable bags.

    • The following are banned: Styrofoam and polystyrene products, helium balloons, six-pack rings, and anything that can harmful to wildlife or human life.

    • The Mercer Green Fest encourages using a very limited amount of paper and handouts

    • All food vendors should serve condiments in bulk instead of individual packages.

    How You Can Participate in Our Green Effort


    • Ride your bike, carpool or take public transportation to the green fair.

    • Use the recycling and composting bins at the event.

    • Bring your own reusable beverage container to the event.

    • BYOB – Bring your own bag and eschew the single use plastic.

    • Bring your own utensils. While serviceware at the fair is biodegradable, using your own utensils is far more sustainable.

    • Spread the message!


    What Changes Will You Make When You Leave Our Green Fair?  Are you a sustainability Superhero, Sidekick or Bystander?


    Tell us what you will take away from the Mercer Green Fest with you and how what you have learned will help you change your habits.


    Greening Our Green Fair...


    Greening our green fest is the next step in our evolution promoting local resources and sustainable practices... As we ask you, our participants, to reduce your impact upon the environment, each year we have worked to promote greener practices at our green fair to also reduce our impact.  This year, our 12th, we are asking our vendors and our attendees both to commit to even more sustainable practices.