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    The Ewing Green Team is composed of a group of concerned Ewing residents dedicated to building a sustainable community in Ewing Township.  The Team conducted a community visioning process in Ewing during 2014 and has also been active in promoting community gardening, energy upgrades to municipal facilities, trail cleanups, and is beginning a bike/ped audit in town. This is the fifth year that EGT has been a co-sponsor of the Expo.  To learn more about the EGT go to ewinggreenteam.org

    The Hopewell Valley Green Team is charged with helping everyone who lives and works in the Hopewell Valley to protect this beautiful place that we call home. Since our formation in 2009, the Hopewell Valley Green Team has been working to foster actions among citizens and governments in the Valley that will lead to a more sustainable way of living. We have been especially focused on: 1) Outreach & Education, 2) Local Economies, and 3) Recycling.  To Learn more go to hopewellvalleygreenteam.org/.

     Sustainable Princeton envisions a Princeton where everyone lives and works in ways that are sustainable, including reducing energy use and waste, protecting the natural environment, and meeting human needs fairly and efficiently.  Their mission is to reduce their community’s energy use and waste as well as their impact on the natural environment by partnering with  Princeton residents, businesses, schools, local government and other community groups to achieve measurable results.  Their  current goals are (1)  to reduce energy generated by fossil fuels by 20% in Princeton by 2020 and (2) to reduce waste by 50% in Princeton by 2016. 

    Sustainable Lawrence and the Lawrence Green Team work together to create a sustainable community in Lawrence Township, NJ.  Their mission is to encourage the people and institutions of Lawrence Township to cooperatively adopt fundamental principles of sustainability and to develop policies and practices that fulfill those principles.  They were the originators of the Living Local Expo and have been working to increase the scope of the Expo as well as promote the county-wide participation.

    Sustainable Lawrence and the Lawrence Green

    Who we are...

    Become a part of the solution.  Learn more about who we are and what we do.   Join your local sustainability organization in Mercer County.

    Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability

    The Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability provides a variety of business development programs,  loans and beneficial financial programs to help small and large businesses in the County build growing, successful companies.
    In addition, staff work with and support the numerous sustainability organizations and green teams in the County in their initiatives to promote environmental, as well as economic, sustainability in Mercer County.  To learn more about additional services from this office go to http://nj.gov/counties/mercer/business/economic/index.html

    The West Windsor Township Environmental Commission is comprised of volunteer Township residents appointed by the Mayor.  The commission advises the Mayor, Township Administration, and local officials, including the Planning Board and Site Plan Review Advisory Board regarding environmental issues and actions that may effect the natural resources and inhabitants of the community.

    They advocate for environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives.  They will conduct or review research and studies, offer recommendations, and monitor or promote initiatives that preserve, conserve, or restore natural resources, in balance with societal activities.